Humans of Olami: Kaila and Mendel Boxer

So far, nearly half a dozen couples have met and been married thanks to Olami Denver Experience. One of those couples, who also provide a great deal of leadership throughout the Jewish community in Denver, is Kaila and Mendel Boxer – another couple who came together during one of Rabbi and Sara Wolfe’s fabulous Shabbos dinners.

Kaila was born in Colorado Springs and, while her family tried to set up some strong Jewish community roots there, it was in Denver that they really found their fit. They moved here when she was just three years old, quickly becoming a big part of the community. “I grew up in a modern Orthodox household,” Kaila explains. “I basically have been a part of this world since I was born.”

Mendel, however, is from Maryland, but moved to Denver when he was a teenager. While he always knew about his Jewish heritage, he was still learning. “I had concepts of everything, but I just didn’t really fit into any sort of block. Then, as I got older, and started making more Jewish friends, and started doing the holidays and Shabbos and keeping Kosher, it just all led to where I am now within this community.”

The couple had met in the past, and both had been in each other’s lives peripherally for quite a while. However, it was another dinner at Rabbi and Sara Wolfe’s home where they reconnected and began their journey together. “It was the summer of ’21 and we were both single and both had grown a lot,” Mendel recalls. “We wanted to just see where things would go. And now we’re married.”

The secret of their success? The couple knew what they wanted and were willing to talk about it with each other quickly. “Yeah, we were both kind of just getting too old for the little song and dance that comes with dating,” Mendel explains. “We were several days into our relationship when we were like ‘ok, do you want to stay in Denver?’ or ‘Do you want kids?’ and ‘How many?’ because, if it wasn’t going to work out, we didn’t want to waste each other’s time and energy. Because you just get to a point where you’re like ‘I really need to find out who this is and if I can just expedite that process.’”

Looking forward, the newly developing Young Couples branch of Olami Denver is visiting Israel, “That’s what we’re most excited about right now,” Kaila offers, “But all the things that Olami offers are a really, really easy way to break into the community, because there are so many different people and different types of people that are there. No matter what, if you walk in the door, you’re going to meet someone that you like.”

So if anyone is considering becoming a part of the Olami Denver community or just wants to learn more about the Denver Jewish community, chances are you’ll meet the unofficial welcoming committee that is Kaila and Mendel Boxer. “We’re right in the community. We want to contribute as much as we can and invest ourselves in the growth of our community. We know that more and more people are moving here, and we want to welcome them, and offer them a place to stay or experience a Shabbos,” explains Mendel.

Kaila continues, “We have agreed, we want to help build the community. Eventually we’ll start having kids and build a family. I know we want to stay in this area for a while.”

To learn more about the upcoming Israel Trip, email Rabbi Wolfe.

Sara Wolfe is involved with matchmaking and dating coaching and if anyone wants to schedule a meeting she is now booking in September – email for more info!

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