Chocolate Mousse Cups

Recipe By PB Alyesh

Prepare the Chocolate Moose:
1 Cup of Cocoa
½ Cup of Brown Sugar
¾ Cup of White Sugar
2 Rich’s Whip
1 Container of tofutti CC
1 TBs of Vanilla

  1. Whip the whip until stiff. Remove and set aside
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and fold in whip.
  3. Place the mousse into the fridge and chill for an hour.

Make the Base:
You can either do a Graham cracker base for the bottom of the cup, or what I like to do is make a pan of brownies and then place those in the bottom of the cups.

Graham Crackers:
½ Cup of Graham Crackers
2 TBs of Sugar
2 TBs of Oil melted or Marj

Mix well

Assemble the mousse cups:

  1. Lay out the mouse cups.
  2. At the bottom of each cup, place some of the Graham cracker mixture or the brownies.
  3. Transfer the mousse cups onto a pipping bag and pipe into decorative cups on top of the brownie/graham cracker base, until the are two thirds full.
  4. You may need to tilt the cups back and forth gently to even out the mousse.
  5. Pipe some plain whip on top of the mousse layer.
  6. Garnish with something fun onto the whip. A dark chocolate leave, sprinkles, a sandwich Cookie or Chanukah gelt!
  7. Send in your creations!

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