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Humans of Olami: Stephen Shuman

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, and the isolation left so many feeling disconnected and without community. Stephen Shuman is just one of many Young Jewish Professionals who found themselves seeking more connection during the Pandemic and in the years that followed. Thankfully, he found a place and a home within the Olami community – one that will keep him connected, no matter where he moves in the future.

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Succot with Rabbi Tzvi Alyesh

During Rosh Hashanah, we meditated on our dreams, ambitions, and goals for the New Year. On Yom Kippur, we contemplated our imperfections, and we atoned for the ways in which we mistreated others. Between the two holidays, we ascertained what we wish to achieve, and we prayed on how we can aspire to be the best versions of ourselves. We were constantly looking inward and outward, reflecting and dreaming. Now, it is nearly time for Sukkot.

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Humans of Olami: Ethan Geller

When Ethan Geller asked his family for help to go to New York to study at Yeshiva, he was met with a surprising suggestion. “You should go to Israel,” his father said. “I’m like, you’re joking,” Ethan responded to his father. What started as a surprising dream turned into a quick reality, and soon Ethan found himself studying in Israel at Aish in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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