PB’s Shish Kabobs

Let’s get into the spirit of Lag BaOmer, the 33rd day of the Omer Count—this year, May 9, 2023. Jews light bonfires to commemorate the holiday, continuing a tradition that dates back hundreds of years, and today many people have bbq’s in a local park!


Yapchik, is a Polish or Hungarian version of cholent, it is a popular Jewish Passover comfort dish. Shredded potatos, flanken, some onions, and spice, what could be better! 

PB’s Cookie Pie

If you’re in need of a delicious, yet easy dessert for your Shabbos table – or any table for that matter – you’re going to love PB’s Cookie Pie! Just a few ingredients and plenty of ways to customize this simple dessert and you’ve got a tasty treat for any occasion.

Chocolate Mousse Cups

Recipe By PB Alyesh Prepare the Chocolate Moose:1 Cup of Cocoa½ Cup of Brown Sugar¾ Cup of White Sugar2 Rich’s Whip1 Container of tofutti CC1 TBs of Vanilla Make the Base:You can either do a Graham cracker base for the bottom of the cup, or what I like to do is make a pan of […]