Humans of Olami: Rebecca Daniel

When an internship brought Rebecca Daniel to Denver, she didn’t know what she’d be in for, who she’d meet or the incredible experiences she was about to embark upon. “I moved out here and I was looking for people to meet. I literally just Googled ‘young Jewish professionals Denver’ and Olami popped up,

Humans of Olami: Moshe & Rikki Ohana

Moshe Ohana grew up in Monsey, New York and went to school nearby in Binghamton. Many thousands of miles away, Rikki Wedgle was raised in Denver, but then ended up attending Syracuse University, which is about an hour from Binghamton. The two of them were so close, yet a world apart. Little did they know that their Beshert was just a train-ride away, and that they’d be meeting and connecting in Denver, thanks to Olami Denver Experience.

Humans of Olami: Brandon Fisher

None of the expectations Brandon Fisher had for his twenties have panned out. “None of my expectations for my life have happened,” Fisher explains, “But instead, it’s so much better. I got rejected from 200 job offers but I prayed – I just wanted the one job offer.” And the one he got was in Vail, Colorado, which eventually brought him to Denver, where his journey really took off. 

Humans of Olami: Lily Gross

From weekly Shabbat programing to regular classes and on-going support, Lily Gross is a crucial part of Jewish life on the University of Denver campus. As the Director of Jewish Student Life at the University of Denver Hillel, she helps to create engagement in spaces where students can come together to create their own communities – rich with support, connection, education and Jewish identity. “We’re really working on creating events where students can explore the depths of Judaism and what that can mean to them,” she explains. “So that students can find different ways to incorporate Judaism into their lives today.”

Humans of Olami: Alex Cowan

If you’re a young, Jewish professional in their 20s or 30s, Alex Cowan wants you to know that there is a safe, welcoming community here in Denver, just waiting for you. “I went to my first JewPro (now Olami) event and I met a good number of people who are, today, my closest friends. It […]

Humans of Olami: Rachel Trout

Rachel Trout’s Jewish Journey led her to a leadership position on the Board of Olami Denver Experience – one in which she helps to create and maintain a strong Jewish community of like-minded young professionals in Denver.