Your monthly Inspiration with Rabbi Wolfe

Enjoy this month’s video featuring Rabbi Danny Wolfe.  This Month’s Topic: Keeping a good perspective when your luggage gets lost, and you have two weddings to attend!

Hoops and Halacha Schedule

January 25 6:15 Yoni Robinson 7:05 Bruk Halpern 8:00 Kaspin Rotbart February 1 6:15 Yoni  Bruk 7:05 Robinson Rotbart 8:00 Halpern Kaspin February 8 6:15 Yoni Halpern 7:05 Robinson Kaspin 8:00 Bruk Rotbart February 15 6:15 Yoni Rotbart 7:05 Robinson Halpern 8:00 Bruk Kaspin February 22 6:15 Robinson Bruk 7:05 Halpern Rotbart 8:00 Yoni Kaspin […]

Parshas Vayigash: Yosef’s Dramatic Reunion with His Brothers

I think I speak for most people when I say that if someone tried to kill me, or to completely uproot my life by selling me to be a slave, I would long for revenge. If the opportunity arose, I would likely not be inclined to be so forgiving or kind to the person who threatened […]

The Shared  Lesson of Joseph and the Story of Chanukah

By Rabbi Danny Wolfe Every single year, without exception, the phenomenally inspiring story of Joseph coincides with Chanukah. The question that many ask, is what exactly does the story of Chanukah have to do with Joseph, and why are the two stories so naturally connected? I heard quoted in the name of Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl, […]