Humans of Olami: Alex Cowan

If you’re a young, Jewish professional in their 20s or 30s, Alex Cowan wants you to know that there is a safe, welcoming community here in Denver, just waiting for you. “I went to my first JewPro (now Olami) event and I met a good number of people who are, today, my closest friends. It was just a few days after I moved here.”

Whether it’s an outdoor BBQ, a Friday night Shabbat Dinner, or a ski event on a Sunday – Cowan knows just what a fun, welcoming and supportive organization Olami Denver Experience is. “It can always be a little nerve-wracking to put yourself into new and possibly uncomfortable situations, but I truly believe that just by going a little bit outside your comfort zone – that’s where a lot of growth happens. There are so many in a similar boat here and we’d love to make new friends and help show people how amazing Denver is.”

Cowan himself is a transplant, having grown up in Miami, Florida. He attended Florida State, where he met an Olami Rabbi, who helped him grow his own Jewish identity. He attended Shabbat Dinners while there and it opened his eyes to the beauty of Judaism and the value within it. Cowan then set his sights out West. The growing city of Denver called to him, with all the diverse opportunities, the plethora of outdoor activities and, of course, the great beer. Today, he is working with a General Contractor, building his own Real Estate portfolio, and has plans to be a Real Estate Developer in the future.

While he is here, however, Alex Cowan also dedicates his free time to being a member of the Olami Leadership Board, helping to welcome anyone into the Jewish Community here in Denver. For him, Judaism is the way to live a meaningful life and helps guide him to be a good person. And today, he’s most excited about two new initiatives being launched by Olami Denver Experience – Mile High Shabbat Pods and MyZuzah.

Mile High Shabbat Pods is a new program bringing together groups of young professionals in their own neighborhoods. “I think the Shabbat Pods are going to give people a place where they feel comfortable. Whether it’s a kosher dinner or if you need a place to be – we’ll have a place for you. It’s going to provide a sense of community for everyone, to help make Denver thier forever home.”

Cowan also wants to make sure everyone knows about the new Olami partnership with MyZuzah – a national nonprofit dedicated to ensuring a Mezuzah is in every Jewish home. “If you’re Jewish, you can get a free Mezuzah from this program. It’s really as simple as that,” Cowan offers. “We’d love to get a Mezuzah on everyone’s door. It’s such a simple thing. I had one on my house growing up and really every Jew – regardless of affiliation – feels a connection to a Mezuzah. It’s what makes a house feel safe and holy.”

To learn more about the MyZuzah program click here. And to let the Olami team know you’ve got an interest in Mile High Shabbat Pods, you can email them here.

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